Venäjänspanielit ulkomailla - Russian spaniels abroad

Sivulla esittelemme ulkomaisten  yhteyshenkilöiden venäjänspanieleita. 
On the page we present the russian spaniel of foreign contacts. 
Lehel tutvustame väliskontaktide vene spanjeleid. 
Vietne iepazīstina ar krievu spanieliem no ārzemju kontaktiem. 
На странице представлены русские спаниели зарубежных контактов. 

COUNTRIES:  Estonia, Latvia, Russia

Country/Maa: ESTONIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Mira
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Mira

Dog info/ Koira info: Born 25.03.2021, St. Petersburg, Russia. Now living in Estonia.

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Tyson Star
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Tyson

Dog info/ Koira info: Blondies father. Born 02.03.2016. Fantastic result in Dog Shows: LVJ,&LV&LT&EE&BALT CH.

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Gucci Cezdebor
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Gucci

Dog info/ Koira info: Born  14.10.2013. Our Blondies, Loress and Larčijs mother. Lives in Bauska, Latvia. Syntynyt 14.10.2013. Meidän Blondien sekä Loress että Larčijs äiti. Asuu Bauskas, Lavija

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Loress
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Loress

Dog info/ Koira info:Born 13.03.2017, same mother Gucci as Larčijs and Blondie. Lives in Bauska, Latvia. Syntynyt 13.03.2017 sama äiti Gucci kuin Larčijs ja Blondie. Asuu Bauska, Latvia.  
When i saw Loress for the first time he was just 1 day old. He looked like a little pig pink all around. When Loress was growing I thought he will go to an other family. The day Loress was 4 months old all the other puppies where gone to new homes. Then someone was interested about Loress. I realized that I love him too much to give him to some one else. We went to dogschool. He was pretty good, learned fast. One day he made a big mess at home. Then I talked to him and after that he is the most obedient dog I know. Now days he understands me very well. The most funny thing about Loress is that he likes to watch fire, tv and fishes in aquarium. He can watch fishes for hours and nothing will disturb him. Well if you yell Loress he will turn his head for 1 second and then back again to the aquarium or tv or fire. Loress is friendly to other dogs and other people.  Our neighbour has their dog in a chain. Loress is running free and want to be friend with that dog.  That dog tries to bite Loress but he is still trying to make contact with this dog. Tries to get him to be a friend. Loress loves every one specially babys they can rip his hair off and he still loves the babies. He was really prince with eating before this winter but now he started to eat all kind of food. He is my best friend and a real Russian spaniel.

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Cezar ru Librek
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Cezar

Dog info/ Koira info: suns/male, vaislas suns/stud dog, LVJ CH, LV CH, CL CH, CLW’07’,08’,09’, 10’, 11’, BALTJ W’07, LVW’08,’09 Darba diplomi: II as. p.,

Counrty/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Larčijs Bučes
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Larčijs (Larchie)

Dog info/ Koira info: Born 13.03.2017 same mother Gucci as Loress and Blondie. Lives in Jūrmala, Latvia. Syntynyt 13.03.2017 sama äiti Gucci kuin Loress (Latvia) ja Blondie (Suomi). Asuu Jūrmalassa, Latvia.

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Alfa Cezdeboyar
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Alfa 
Dog info/ Koira info:

Country/Maa: LATVIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: 
Nickname/Kutsumanimi: Cherry
Dog info/ Koira info:

Country/Maa: RUSSIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi:

Dog info /Koira info: Koza-Nostra on perheineen asuu Pietarissa.
Irina on yhteyshenkilö Pietarissa. Irina ja hänen miehensä käyttävät koiriaan mestsästykseen. Irina on myös aktiivinen paikallisessa spanieli yhdistyksessä.

Country/Maa: RUSSIA
Dogs name/Koiran nimi: Tippi-Rosalie
Dog info /Koira info: Tippie-Rosalie on Irinan ja hänen miehensä toinen venäjänspanieli jota myös käytetään metsästykseen.

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